How does this happen? 


I read today of an old friend that shot and killed his grandmother. Just walked into his house and shot her in the face. He said that the bricks were screaming at him, “ Your grandmother is evil!!! Kill her! You must kill her!!”. I don’t understand. I don’t. 


This world is full of people asking the same questions. Why? How?


My history teacher told us once that the reason for something trumps it’s idea. this means that, The reason for something to exist, is more important than it existing by itself. The verb “ To be” denotes that something exists. It rejects the idea that simply by being there it is. it’s alive, and real. So you see that using to be verbs, is redundant.


 So if the idea that something is real is redundant, that means we are accepting another reason to notice it entirely. For example, if we accept that it exists simply because we talk, or think about it, then what do we refer to it as? The only logical answer is why. If something has a why, then it has a what to begin with.


This idea is crucial when thinking of tragedy. 


Why did this happen? Well we don’t know, Reports claim that he was on drugs, and that they were the reason for this particular incident. That doesn’t soothe my soul however. There are people in this world that can walk into their house, and shoot their grandmothers in the face, and feel no remorse. These people exist.


the next question pertains to how? Not the mechanics per se’. Electrical signals turned into mechanical motion, trigger pulls etc. But how do these lunatics pass the strenuous tests that everyone is subjected to over the course of their lives? Let me explain. Everyone is constantly looking around and seeing, analyzing, categorizing people. This happens all day, every day. So if we are all scrutinized so thoroughly everyday, how do nut-jobs like this kid make it so long in life? That’s my question.


My real Question.



I am at a loss for words










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